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Best Apps For Recipe Substitutions


kitchen-apps-substitutionsThe other day, my wife Dianne shouted to me from the kitchen, “What can I substitute for dry vermouth?”  I said, “White wine!”  We didn’t have that either.  So what to could we substitute?

Here are some helpful apps that offer suggestions for ingredient substitutions in recipes.  While none are perfect, they do offer alternatives that will save you an extra trip to the store or let you complete your dish when under a tight timeline.

Remember, these apps are for ingredient substitutions, not exact replacements.  In some cases the quality and flavor profile of the dish may change substantially.  Use your cooking experience and personal taste when taking suggested substitutions into account.

But in many cases, using these apps will get you out of that “in a pinch” situation by helping you complete a recipe without having to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor or make that extra trip to the store.

Here are three apps to help you substitute ingredients in your recipes:

Merillat Kitchen Helper, $0.00 (free!).  I like this app for three reasons: 1) It’s free, 2) it’s nearly as comprehensive as similar apps that cost money, and 3) it includes a measurement conversion feature and a search function for ingredients.  If you want to experiment with an ingredient substitution app, start with this one.

Substitutions, $0.99. This is my favorite app because of its categories for food health.  There are substitution categories for gluten free, low fat, low sodium and vegan diets.  This is a great app for those that are looking to substitute more healthful ingredients into their diet.  However, it does need a search function and measurement conversion feature.

Smart Chef Substitutions, $1.99. As part of the Smart Chef suite of apps for the iPad and iPhone, this ingredient substitution app is adequate and easy to use.  However, I would wait for the “Smart Chef Healthy Substitutions” app that is rumored to be released soon.

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